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Dr Louise Connor is an Independent Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist providing a range of assessments and interventions for concerns related to Autism Spectrum Conditions and Developmental Disorders in teenagers and adults.

Dr. Louise Connor
Dr. Louise Connor

I work on a multidisciplinary basis with colleagues, as and when appropriate. I am a member of Ashwood Associates, a team of independent practitioners from a range of mental health backgrounds, based in Surrey.

I carry out a range of assessments for adolescents and adults to identify diagnostic status and understand underlying emotional, behavioural or mental health issues.

I carry out individually tailored intervention packages to reduce distressing symptoms and help the individual develop more adaptive skills to manage their lives. I also provide consultation, training and interventions for teams of professionals within other organisations such as Social Services, Voluntary Sector and Independent care services.


Assessments are carried out to identify

  • Diagnostic disorders such as Autism, Asperger's Syndrome
  • ADHD and attention related difficulties
  • Learning difficulties such as non-verbal learning difficulties or dyslexia
  • Learning disabilities and an uneven profile of intellectual abilities
  • Emotional or behavioural difficulties

Interventions with adults and adolescents to address

  • Poor self esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Anger management
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Group work regarding diagnostic issue
  • Developing emotional literacy

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