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Functional Profiling for people diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum


Many people with a diagnosis of an Autistim Spectrum Condition, ask the question 'Where am I on the Spectrum?' The spectrum, as it says in its title, is not a linear scale from Mild to Extreme, but each person has different characteristics, strengths and needs. Myself and a college have developed a scale in order to define the individuals personal profile.

The Connor-Muggleton Autism Profiling Scale (C-MAPS) is currently being trialed and is a valuable tool for identifying which areas the person on the Autistim Spectrum may benefit from focusing on, in order to develop psychological management and coping. It also identifies areas of strength which the individual can develop further to enhance their lives.

I also use the Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System - Third Edition, as an additional profiling tool and to identify future skill development needs.

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